Patty Mabe


Paparazzi jewelry by patty mabe

$5.00!!! $5.00!!!! I said...… $5.00!!!!! It really is ONLY $5.00 each! Such a big variety of small, medium and large and even EXTRA LARGE jewelry for ONLY $5.00! You just have to come in and see it all to believe it! She even GIVES it away sometimes! Stay tuned for drawings!

Gaylen Montgomery


Gaylen Montgomery Mr. "m's" Workshop

Learn all about scrolling, Daily demonstrations! 

Half day sessions available

from 10a.m. to 1p.m

Full day and advanced sessions offered!

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Jennifer Grant


Jennifer Grant Custom Tumblers

 I can create any tumbler to match anyone's personality!

I do many different tumbler designs including, glitter, hydro-dip, reverse hydro-dip, geode and more! 

  I can put photos on tumblers, any quote, almost any cartoon character possible! They can be almost any color as long as the color exists! 

  See a tumbler you like in the mall? I can customize it for you!

Papa Brown


Papa Brown's Bar-B-Q

Papa Brown's is MORE than JUST BBQ sauce! We're talkin' Jams, Apple Butters and Spices too! It's all natural gluten free and he even makes sugar free! His jams, apple butters AND BBQ sauces 




Serendipity Hand Made jewelry

Buy one get one free earrings!

Steampunk necklaces and earrings!

Leather earrings, magnet bracelets, anklets and more!!!

Mrs. Brenda's


The beautiful Mrs. Brenda's custom hand towels

Mrs. Brenda can applique just about anything on her hand towels as well as embroidery on almost anything as well! Defiantly more to come from this talented young lady so stay tuned!

Darla Lee


Artist Darla Lee

Beautiful work and GREAT prices too! Come see the amazing talent this artist has to offer! Many sizes and quotes to choose from and special orders too!

Diane Robben


1895 Copper Mule Studio

OMG! Custom Anything! Wedding or engagement announcements, portraits, pets.... Give her a picture...…. she can paint it on anything! Come in and check out Diane Robben's creative abilities!! She's amazing!  



Custom Onsies! And baby stuff Too!

We can create any onsie with any name for any baby right here on the spot! $9.00 each OR 3 for $25.00 We also do bibs, burp rags, blankets, car seat covers and blankets too! Come on in and check out our selections!

The Sisco Kid


Toy Guns By Butch "The Sisco Kid!"

Sorry boys (and girls), there NOT real! Butch makes these lightweight toy guns as a hobby for his 31 grandkids! He made too many and he's not finished! My Guess is..... he wants more grand kids!

Dirty Bird Cary


Dirty bird's soaps By the Dirty Bird Cary!

Dirty Bird Cary creates these soaps with love from the heart! Several different scents to choose from! My favorite is the lavender with the loofa inside!

Judy the Quilter


Judy The Quilting Lady!

Wonderfully beautifully made from the heart quilts, aprons, table quilts and MORE! You have to see the beauty in these hand made quilts! 


Welcome craft lovers!

There's much to see here, but we have vendors moving in! We have a total of 31 spaces and these are only a hand full of who we have! We'll be adding new vendors to the site regularly so please check back! Also remember just because you don't see them here doesn't mean there not here!